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The simplest way to scale your business & reduce expenses

Customer delight

creates brand champions who

do the marketing for you

and profit margins that would make Bezos jealous!

Kickstart your customer delight upgrade:

Your post-sale experience might be losing profits & people

that your lead generation and sales funnels worked hard to convert.

Because most customer experiences let hot leads turn cold as soon as the sale is completed!

illustration of a thermometer where the temperature has dropped as represented by red hearts and broken hearts

And worst of all, most business owners don't even realize they're doing it, because this has been the norm in the online space for decades.

"It's a numbers game," they say. But the numbers game is unnecessarily expensive.

When hot leads turn cold, you have to warm them up all over again before they'll trust you enough to buy the next thing, write a review, or refer a friend. (And reheating cold leads is more expensive than keeping leads hot!)

That's why most businesses struggle with lifetime value, retention rates, referrals, organic sales, user-generated content, ROAS, and more.

Which leaves business owners pouring more money into ads while searching for ways to reduce expenses and churn. Hello ~ welcome ~ you're in the right place!

But, how do you know if your customer experience (CX) is set up to create raving fans and repeat buyers?

How do you know if your customer experience (CX) is set up to create raving fans and repeat buyers?

Let's check the data:

  • Does most of your income come from repeat customers, not first-time buyers?

  • Do your happy customers comment on your ads to rave about their amazing experience (creating social proof that leads to higher conversion rates)?

  • Do you have a consistent stream of organic UGC and reviews?

  • If you answered yes to the above 3 questions, you're on the right track!

If not, keep reading.

  • Do your order confirmation pages say “check your inbox for [the next step]?”

  • Do you have to ask (or offer incentives) for reviews/testimonials?

  • Do you ever wish you gave less of your profits to Zuck (or the other ad-platform billionaires) who aren’t using it to do good in the world?

  • If you answered yes to the last 3 (or no to the first 3), you're spending too much on lead gen and not getting enough out of each sale.

If so, you're in the right place to fix it.

Sales funnels make your business profitable enough to enjoy life.

Customer delight funnels make your business profitable enough to change the world.

Customer delight marketing isn’t just loyalty programs and upsells. It’s a next-level strategy that doubles your profit margins, reduces your ad spend, and turns your customer base into a force for good.

There are 3 types of CX



The Template: this CX means well, but is actually chasing customers into the arms of the competition. It has the lowest profit margins.


The Corporate: this CX is designed to help the business succeed, not the customer. It leads to big income in the beginning but hits a glass ceiling.


The Champion: this CX creates superfans who boost every KPI and turn your brand into a force for good in the world. It leads to bigger profit margins with virtually no limits.

Let's take a closer look at each one ⤵️

The 3 Types Of Customer Experiences

Customer experience funnels aren't something most businesses focus on at the beginning.

We all start somewhere and optimize our way to higher and higher success. There's no shame or judgement here!


The Template

I call this one "The Template" because it's often just that ~ using the template that came with your sales funnel design. A lot of effort and expertise goes into the sales page, but not much thought goes into the thank you page and beyond.

The result (for customers) is feeling all the hype and excitement that the sales page built up...falls flat and fizzles out on the order confirmation page. And then the brand has the audacity to ask for another sale in the pages/emails that follow? Outrageous.

This customer experience has been the norm for over a decade because online sales were new and easy and it didn't take much to impress customers. Back before they were burnt by scammers & companies that only cared about quantity, not quality.

There's nothing wrong with using this type of CX at the beginning, when you're more focused on lead gen than lifetime value. But it's a stepping stone, not a permanent solution.

How to recognize this CX:

  • Order confirmation pages say things like, "check your inbox" or "join our Facebook group" which literally chases customers away from your site, to a place that's filled with your competitors' ads and messages.

    (Plus, inboxes and FB are often associated with feelings of guilt and overwhelm when filled with messages/people they've been putting off or trying to ignore.)

  • Making customers feel like the energy and excitement of the sales page ended the moment they handed over their money.

  • Predictable/formulaic email nurture sequences that start upselling without segmenting who is ready to buy right now while moving everyone else to a trust-building list before upselling.

  • Popup windows that appear before your visitor had time to read/watch what they came for.

How to recognize this CX:

  • Expenses keep going up while profit margins get smaller.

  • Emails that offer incentives (like money or gift cards) in return for feedback, reviews, or testimonials.

  • Sales page visits and first-time sales are directly proportional to ad spend, social media, or SEO efforts (not referrals.)

  • Funnels being filled with buyers who aren't a good fit and thus don't get results.

  • Existing customers don't instinctively tag others, forward emails, share to stories, or create UGC (without begging or bribing.)

  • Calls to action in the customer community fall flat, especially when it involves engagement (effort) instead of purchases.

  • Low overall engagement in the customer community. Feeling like it's a struggle to get people to participate.

business success > customer's SUCCESS

The Corporate

I call this one The Corporate because it's designed for the success of the business more than the success of the customer. It's very popular among bro-marketers. (But even ethical brands who genuinely care about customer success often end up with it until they learn about other options.)

The Corporate will increase profit margins because it is optimized for upsells and repeat sales. But eventually, it hits a glass ceiling. People buy into the promise, but don't brag about their results. Every sale has to be bought at the current rising cost of ad spend.

As a result, The Corporate requires extra investment (money and effort) to generate reviews, testimonials, UGC, social proof, referrals, and recurring sales. And business owners start looking for ways to reduce costs without reducing sales.

It's not a bad place to be, but it's still a stepping stone to bigger impact and income (and growing a movement that changes the world.)

How to recognize this CX:

  • Expenses keep going up while profit margins get smaller.

  • Emails that offer incentives (like money or gift cards) in return for feedback, reviews, or testimonials.

  • Sales page visits and first-time sales are directly proportional to ad spend, social media, or SEO efforts (not referrals.)

  • Existing customers don't instinctively tag others, forward emails, share to stories, or create UGC (without begging or bribing.)

  • Calls to action in the customer community fall flat, especially when it involves engagement (effort) instead of purchases.

  • Low overall engagement in the customer community. Feeling like it's a struggle to get people to participate.

a movement of brand champions

The Champion

I call this one The Champion for two reasons ~

One, because it's an example of peak performance.

And two, because it creates brand champions who do the marketing for you.

Brand champions are superfans who fall in love with buying from you. They tell everyone they know how awesome it is to be your customer and then buy everything you sell.

This CX has the biggest profit margins because customers do a lot of the marketing for you, for free. It focuses on impact (customer success) which increases income, without the extra expenses.

And let's be real, it's not just about the money. Bigger profit margins give your business room to scale, the freedom to take bigger risks, and the influence to truly change the world.

The Champion rallies your customers around your cause and turns your business into a movement that makes a difference every time you make a sale.

How to recognize this CX:

  • Customers excitedly talk about their results in the comments section of your ads (without bribes, often without even being asked), leading to higher ROAS.

  • Bigger and bigger LTV every year because customers jump at the chance to buy every time you put an offer in front of them.

  • Consistent organic sales because your brand is mentioned, tagged, and talked about every time someone asks for recommendations.

  • When you ask your audience to show up for an event, cause, or opportunity, they take action en masse (no bribes needed.) Your customer base is a movement that is easily inspired to action.

  • Consistent UGC and posts that tag your brand/offers by customers that are genuinely happy to show off their results.

  • Lower customer service requests because buyers help themselves and each other to find answers using FAQ's, chatbots, community, and more.

The Champion Increases:


which means more profits in your pockets instead of Zuck's


which boosts profit margins, camaraderie, and community engagement


because brand champions love to tell others about their success


because you have the income to donate and the influence to inspire others

By now you’ve probably self-diagnosed which CX you’re working with.

And you’re probably right. (The data doesn’t lie!)

If you have The Template, you're probably wishing you had at least The Corporate and dreaming of the day you'll have The Champion.

If you have The Corporate, you're probably happy with the CX that got you this far, but ready for bigger impact, influence, and profit margins.

Of course, no one expects you to learn all this from scratch ~ customer psychology, relationship marketing, user experience, conversion design, community building, accessibility, and all the things.

You’re here to make a difference and a million bucks, not become a CX expert!

Instead, borrow our 20+ years of expertise and we'll help you optimize your current CX and start building for the future.

Let's hop on a 30-minute 1:1 session to discuss your goals, KPI's and current situation. Afterwards, you'll get a CEO-level assessment plus a checklist of optimizations you can hand off to your team (or DIY.)

Most of our clients see a minimum of 32% increase in customer loyalty from implementing this assessment alone.

About Fern CX:

Mollie, your go-to gal for customer delight



About Fern CX:

We help ethical, sustainable brands outperform greed-driven corporations that treat customers like transactions.

And we walk our talk every step of the way:

  • we donate 5% of revenue to charities who make the world better and safer for people and wilderness

  • we loudly support diversity, equity, and inclusion and everyone's right to safely express their identity

  • we're activists who support the LGBTQIA2s+ community, social justice, and environmental protection

  • we volunteer our time for things like beach cleanup and marketing scholarships

Our founder, Mollie, started her marketing career as a band promoter and activist in the early 90's, then transitioned to blogging & online communities in the 2000's, before going back to college for a marketing and PR degree in 2015.

She brings over 20 years of experience in online marketing and community building to every client project.

Here's how the CX Starter Kit works:


Spend roughly 10 minutes sharing the details of your current customer experience systems via our online questionnaire. Mollie will use that information to explore your CX firsthand and identify its strengths and weaknesses before she meets with you.



Meet with Mollie for a live 1:1 session to discuss your current CX, goals, KPI's, and preferences so she can create a unique optimization strategy that fits your offer and desired outcome.



Mollie and her team will pinpoint the simple, but meaningful, changes that will have the biggest impact on your CX. You'll receive a CEO-level assessment plus a checklist of optimizations that are easy enough for anyone to implement, whether you choose to DIY, hand it off to your team, or outsource.


“Mollie over-delivers in every sense...”

Mollie has the incredible ability to see things through your eyes and meet you where you’re at. Her online trainings are clear and logical, her style is super friendly and relatable .. and it works!

Mollie over-delivers in every sense and I am so thrilled to have found her.

Kris Barrett, college essentials

Most of our clients see a minimum of 32% increase in customer loyalty from this assessment alone.

We can't control the rising costs of ads (or declining conversions). But we can control the things that inspire brand loyalty, social proof, rave reviews, and referrals.

We can create brand champions with an outstanding customer experience.

Some Questions You Might Have

I love the sound of this, but I’m not sure I have the systems/data/CX/tools needed to make this assessment worthwhile. What are the minimum requirements?

Every business is different and customer experience takes many different forms. As long as you’re taking payment in exchange for goods or services, you already have a customer (or client) relationship system of some kind.

As part of the assessment, we'll look at the tools you're using to make sure you're getting the best features for the best price. We include our observations and tips for reducing expenses in the CEO-level overview of your strategy.

However, I also don’t want you to invest in something that isn’t a good fit for your current situation. So, just reach out and let’s have a non-salesy chat about it. You can email us via our Contact Page or click our logo in the bottom right corner of any page to open a chat/email conversation.

Can I hire Fern CX to implement the changes suggested in the assessment checklist?

Yes and no.

Yes, we LOVE building and optimizing customer experience assets when our schedule allows and we're a good fit for the brand.

But you may find that the changes we suggest in your assessment are so simple you won't need our help! We design them to be easy enough that a busy CEO or in-house VA will feel comfortable doing them.

We also consider this assessment to be a chance to test out what it's like to work together (without a long commitment) so you can confirm we're a good fit for you and your business.

Once the assessment is finished, if we both agree it's a good fit and we have room on our calendar for a new project, we'd be happy to implement the changes for you!

We also have a list of qualified tech VA's we can recommend to help you get it done, in the event we aren't able to take on the project ourselves.

What if I have questions after I watch the assessment or start using the checklist?

Honestly, I hope you do!

Even though the assessment and checklist are super clear and easy to follow, they're not intended to be the end of your journey into the world of delighted customers and brand champions.

You'll have asynchronous access to Mollie and our team of experts in copywriting, design, customer psychology, strategy and more for one week after you receive your Starter Kit assets.

(Limited to the scope of the unique optimizations in your assessment, of course.)

Access is via a private client portal where we can share images, videos, voice messages, text messages, emails, documents, and more to communicate back and forth.

How are your methods different from what I can find on Google or YouTube?

GREAT question! On a whim one day, I decided to take a peek at what’s out there. I checked Google, YouTube, ChatGPT, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Amazon. I tried using newbie language as well as my own expert language to see what would come up.

I saw the same handful of tips over and over and over again. Nothing actionable, nothing deep enough to move the needle. Just an echo chamber of basic, boring info.

Our methods have been developed over years of working with different brands in different industries from our time as a full-service marketing agency. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what has changed over the decades we’ve been active online.

  • We use customer psychology to tap into your buyers’ own internal urgency and motivation to reach their goals.

  • We turn their heart-pounding anxiety into blood-pumping excitement for using the things they buy from you.

  • We make it easy for them to engage with your brand and deepen their own relationship with you.

  • And we’re able to craft strategies and tactics that are unique to your brand, your audience, and your offers.

The only place you’ll find anyone talking about these deeper topics is on the Fern CX website, blog, and social media feeds!

(But most of the time we’re too busy working with our 1:1 clients to put words on paper and get those things published. So it might be another year or so until we have a library of DIY content for you to learn from.)

Why do I need an assessment before I hire you to optimize my customer relationship assets/strategy?

You're a curious one aren't you? I like that!

The simple answer is ~ we want to see what you already have in place before either of us spend any time, energy, or resources on more advanced strategies. We don't want you to buy a complete overhaul if you only need a few small tweaks!

This way, we can ensure you're getting the right advice and tactics for your unique business. This also gives you the chance to test out what it's like to work with us and ensure we're a good fit for you before committing to a bigger project.

Will I really see a difference in my stats from one assessment?

If your current customer experience is already optimized and there's nothing more we can recommend, then we'll simply refund your investment. (We're honest like that!)

For everyone else, we're including an easy-to-use spreadsheet with built-in formulas for calculating the ROI of this project. Document your stats before implementing the changes we suggest and then fill out the ROI Tracker periodically after publishing the changes.

Measure the difference for yourself. Most of our clients see at least 32% improvement in customer loyalty from this CX Starter Kit, before changing anything else.

Not sure if this is RIGHT for you?

Get In Touch!

As ethical marketers, we’re absolutely devoted to making sure our clients get results and never feel pressured to buy something that isn’t a good fit for their unique situation.

Get in touch before buying anything so we can have a non-salesy discussion about your business and how we can (or can’t) help. If we don’t think we’re a good fit, we’ll tell you!

Once you attend the 1:1 session and receive the assessment, if you feel it doesn't live up to what this page promises, let us know within 5 days for a full refund.


CX Starter Kit







Checklist of optimizationS


Customer Delight ROI Tracker


1 week of private support


BONUS: 5 Trees planted in your honor


BONUS: 5% donated to make a difference





Regular Price = $497

Today’s Price = $250










Regular Price = $497

Today’s Price = $250

wondering if this

WORKs for your brand?

The CX Starter Kit Works For:







and more!

Whatever you sell, as long as you take payments and deliver a product or service, your customer experience is impacting the size of your success.

Are you the next impact-driven business we get to help make a difference?


Please note that by purchasing CX Starter Kit, there is NO guarantee that your business will change the world, increase your income, or recoup your investment.

Why? Because it requires a mix of selling offers that benefit people, society, and the planet, plus attracting people who are ready to get results and can ethically afford them, plus putting the time, effort, and money into creating a company culture, brand community, and post-sale experience that people want to be part of and actively engaged in.

CX Starter Kit is not a full end-to-end solution, nor a magic pill, an ATM machine, or any kind of get rich quick solution. It’s a first step in your CX optimization journey and an introduction to working with us. We’ll share our expertise with a passion to see you succeed. We’ll give you expertly crafted resources to help you create results. But it’s 100% up to you to use our expertise and resources in an ethical and engaging way. After that, it’s up to the market to decide if they want to - and are financially, energetically, and emotionally able to - invest in your brand, your offers, and your communities.

CX Starter Kit is intended to help you invest the smallest amount of time, effort, and money to test whether optimizing your CX is right for your business at this stage. It may illuminate problems with your lead generation, sales funnels, or market fit that affect your ROI in this program. And/or it may increase your impact and income and qualify that your business is ready to continue on your CX journey. Results vary, but every test delivers data you can use to make informed business decisions.

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