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Make a difference every time you make a sale!

Delight Your Customers

So They Finish Your Offer, Get Results, And Become

Raving Fans & Repeat Buyers

Your offer is amazing.

You know your methods get results.

You poured your heart & soul into this.


So why isn't everyone falling in love with it and getting life-changing results? What's the secret to repeat sales and high retention rates?

There’s nothing wrong with you or your offers.

Most businesses struggle with completion rates, retention rates, and upsells.

And there’s one simple reason why:

Most offers are mapped out by the person who already understands the ending. But your customers are stumbling through the dark without a 🔦 light or a 🗺 map.

Every customer buys your offer because they dream of solving their problem. They purchased at the moment they were most ready to take action.

They bought from you because your sales funnel is expertly written & designed to help them take the next step.

Your customer experience needs to continue the process of helping them take the next step (and every step after that.)

Optimizing your customer experience inspires them to stay longer, buy more, and get better results.

A customer experience based on psychology, touch points, and personal accountability helps them celebrate wins and recognize results.

Customers who celebrate their wins also rave about you on social media, refer their friends, and buy the next thing you offer.

“Mollie's passion to help others succeed in the online space is so refreshing.”

"I really resonate with Mollie's teaching style that makes marketing concepts simple. She is always there to answer any questions and her passion to help others succeed in the online space is so refreshing."


Customer experience directly impacts your ROI on acquiring that client or customer.

Imagine doubling your ROAS by increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

Or reducing refund requests and churn rates.

We can't control the rising costs of ads (or declining conversions). But we can control the things that inspire brand loyalty, social proof, rave reviews, and referrals.

Boost retention rates and avoid the 3-month churn. Spend less money on customer acquisition by keeping your customers longer. This also leads to more referrals!

Boost completion rates to convert more upsells. Customers who finish the first thing and get results are 100% more likely to see your upsell and be ready to buy it. This also leads to more referrals!

Reduce refund requests and customer service issues. Keep more of the money you make and limit the amount of time you spend dealing with customer service problems. And yep ~ you guessed it ~ this leads to more referrals!

Whether you run a high-touch coaching program or a fully automated DIY course, you need a delightful customer journey.

And while most businesses think they have delightful after-the-sale funnels in place ~ the data doesn’t lie.

That’s why We Build customer Delight Funnels that Are 100% unique to your Brand & Offer

We call it the

a done-for-you system that delights your customers on autopilot.

We call it the

an 8-week done-for-you system that delights your customers on autopilot.

And once it’s in place, it will hum along with very little management from you or your team.

The Customer Delight Process:


pHASE one:


We meet on Zoom for a Strategy Intensive session to map out the entire customer experience that’s 100% unique to your offer.

You get to choose how much will be high-touch and how much will be automated. (Though once you see what we can do with automations, you might automate more than you ever thought possible!)


PHASE two:

customer delight map

My team and I take everything from Phase One and turn it into an easy-to-follow plan for execution.



My team and I build the Customer Delight funnel to match your brand colors, voice, style, and personality. Your existing program will continue to run without interruption while we build this in a “sandbox.”


PHASE four:


You and I choose the date to turn on your Customer Delight Engine and let customers start using it. We’ll monitor the transfer for the first week to make sure it goes smoothly and no one falls through the cracks.




With everything running smoothly, we’ll meet again for a debrief session to discuss how to monitor and maintain your new funnel.

This session will be recorded so you can use it as an SOP to share with your team.

Most Customer Delight Engines are so easy to use, your VA can manage it while you’re on an extended vacation.

wondering if this

WOULD WORK for you?

We currently offer our Customer Delight Engine to businesses using one of the following program styles:







“Mollie over-delivers in every sense...”

Mollie has the incredible ability to see things through your eyes and meet you where you’re at. Her online trainings are clear and logical, her style is super friendly and relatable .. and it works!

Mollie over-delivers in every sense and I am so thrilled to have found her.

Kris Barrett, college essentials

We also offer these extras exclusively to our Customer Delight Engine clients:


One rewrite of the features section of the Sales Page for your offer to reflect the improved customer experience



Custom graphics templates for you to use in the group or membership associated with your offer that are tailored to your brand and match your Customer Delight Engine



One email sequence to send to your list of non-buyers that inspires them to purchase your newly renovated offer


Are you the next impact-driven business we get to help make a difference?

Let’s find out!

We’re currently taking applications for our next revolution of Customer Delight Engines.

We only build 6 Customer Delight Engines per year.

That’s to ensure we’re able to give your business the time and attention it deserves. Plus we have a tendency to over-deliver. We can’t help it, we just enjoy our work that much!

We’d love to get to know you and your business to see if we’re the right partner for you. We have a few questions and then we’ll set up a call with our Customer Delight Captain Mollie, to make sure we answer all your questions.

Customer Delight + Conscious Marketing =


About Real To Ideal:

We specialize in helping conscious brands who want to make the world a better place to outperform soul-sucking businesses that treat customers like transactions.

And we walk our talk every step of the way:

  • we donate 5% of revenue to charities who make the world better and safer for people and wilderness

  • we volunteer our time for things like beach cleanup and marketing scholarships

Customer Delight Engines are built by the Real To Ideal marketing agency which has over 20 years experience in online marketing, customers success, and CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Customer Delight Engine?

Each one is different, since we custom-build them uniquely for each business.

But think of this as a sales funnel for after the first sale.

It might include changing the way your course content is presented or adding in automated weekly reminder emails with just the right words to inspire & motivate your customers to show up. It might include more automated personalization or shifting the content you post in your group.

During Phase 1, we're going to look at your existing customer experience together. Then we're going to map out the areas where it could be improved for better customer engagement, participation, using the thing they bought from you, getting results, recognizing those results and attributing them to your product/service, and warming them up for the next offer.

It all depends on what your particular offer needs and what your specific customers would respond best to.

How does a Customer Delight Engine increase my Return On Ad Spend?

By optimizing your customer's experience, you boost the lifetime value of every customer/client you acquire.

So let's say your current ads are getting customers for $50 each who buy a $500 product or service. And let's say your current upsell conversions for a $2000 product/service after that first sale are 2%.

It will cost you $5,000 to acquire 100 customers and make $50,000 (before expenses). At a 2% upsell rate, you'll make an additional $4000 from those same customers.

Let's say you add a Customer Delight Engine, and that upsell conversion rate jumps up to 15% (it really varies, but our current customers are seeing 20-80% upsell conversions).

Now you're making a total of $30,000 from the 100 customers you got from your ads.

Total Customer Value before CdE: $54k

Total Customer Value after CdE: $80k

And that's on the low end of the scale!

If you look at our case studies, CMC successfully retained customers in a $27/month membership for a full year (without ad spend) and upsold 83% of them to an $97/month SAAS product plus upsold 33% of the total members to a $1000 service.

It resulted in an average $1627 per member per year customer value (from a membership that costs $324/year.)

That's a $1300 increase in customer value per customer using our strategies and funnels.

No ads were used to promote this membership (100% organic social media promotion), so I can't say for sure what the ROAS would be, but I know ads would scale this result even higher.

Now of course I can't make any revenue guarantees or promises that your customer experience optimization will result in a 10-80% upsell conversion rate. Every business and audience is different and results vary.

That's why we have a series of questions for you in the application before scheduling a meet & greet to make sure this is a good fit for your unique offer. Before we agree to work together, I want to feel confident that we can help you improve your current results and I want you to feel confident that we really do care about your success.

How does a Customer Delight Engine boost referrals, reviews, and/or social proof?

One of the things most businesses aren't doing well is inspiring customers/clients to leave specific reviews that help convert more people on sales pages, webinars, and social media.

Our Customer Delight Engines come with an automated process for getting laser-specific testimonials, reviews, and social proof in a way that your customer is happy to share.

And it doesn't involve bribing them with gift cards or ending up with reviews that sound fake. We even show you how to use those reviews/testimonials to attract new soulmate customers to your offers with 30 creative ways that don't feel tacky or tired.

What if I'm not using ads to promote my offer. Will the Customer Delight Engine help me increase my income?

That's the beauty of optimizing the customer experience ~ it works no matter where your customers/clients are coming from.

Some of our clients are selling successfully from social media while others are using SEO to attract customers.

Whether you're investing your time, energy, or money to reach new customers, a delightful customer experience will boost the lifetime value (and your income) of each one.

What if I don't have a clear list of offers for upsells and next offers?

We can help you map out which offers would be the easiest and most successful to offer next, based on your current offers.

We have a streamlined system for determining which offers would be the most lucrative based on your unique skills and what your audience needs.

Go ahead and apply for a Customer Delight Engine and just make note of that in the application questions.

We'll book a meet & greet to discuss whether our system is right for your business at this stage of your journey.

What if I don't have the right tools to create a successful customer experience?

A successful customer experience is less about the tools and more about putting the right message and the right steps in front of your customer at the right time.

We believe automations can do this more effectively (and make it feel more personal) than busy humans with a life away from work can possibly do on their own.

But, we also recognize that every business is different and every audience has different preferences.

Based on your brand style and your customer base, we can recommend out favorite tools for making this the easiest possible system for you to manage (easy enough that your VA can run it smoothly while you're on vacation).

But we're also happy to show you how to get the best results with the tools you're already using. Whether you're a coach who is only using Google Drive and a Facebook group or a course creator using the latest high-tech SAAS tools or anywhere in between.